If you think that it's easy to get a car loan with bad credit, think again. Have you ever applied for a car loan when you don't have satisfactory credit? In most cases, your application will be rejected before anyone even goes through it. So how can someone get an auto loan Portland if they have bad credit? The internet has been a major help here. It allows access to a wide range of lenders in the United States and a lot of these lenders are more than happy to lend money to people with bad credit as well. That doesn't mean that they will lend money to any and everybody though. There are still a few conditions which you will need to meet. This is where knowledge can prove to be quite beneficial. So without further ado, here are some of the most important things for you to keep in mind when it comes to applying for an auto loan with bad credit:-

1. Obviously, the first thing you will need to work on is your credit score. After all, if you had a good credit score, you wouldn't be reading this article would you? When you get a hold of your credit score, you need to identify the areas which you can improve upon and start working on them. There may even be errors in your credit score which you can get corrected before applying for an auto loan. Even though you might have to pay to get a copy of your credit score, this is much better than being denied simply because the agency that prepared your credit score made a mistake.

2. Improving your credit score isn't as difficult as most people will tell you. You basically need to tidy up all your financial matters for your score to increase. Start off by clearing any arrears that may be pending from previous debt. Try and take small consolidation loans and repay them back within time. This will help improve your credit score dramatically. And with an improved credit score, getting a car is so much easier isn't it?

3. Lastly, just because you have bad credit doesn't mean that you jump the gun and accept the first loan offer you receive. Always check with multiple dealers before making any decisions. Quite often you will find 2 or 3 dealers that are willing to finance your new car. At this time, you should compare all the offers you have in hand before making a choice. There is always scope for lowering your interest rate even if you have bad credit. Why would you want to take a loan at a higher rate than what's available in the market.